Friday, January 18, 2008

In the beginning -

In 1998 my 16 year old son returned from a paddling trip and said, "Mom, you need to make me something so I won't get arrested." My ears perked up. He described a kind of 'personal cabanna' where he could remove wet gear and put on dry clothes without exposing bare flesh to onlookers or the elements. I went to the sewing studio and after a couple of prototypes came up with the raglan sleeve design. Square shouldered and set in sleeve designs placed the weight of the garment on the shoulders making it feel heavy. When I cut the raglan sleeves the weight disappeared and the result was a lightweight, comfortable, roomy changing garment.

That first raglan sleeve River Rag is still going strong after 10 years!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fabric Selections -

"Indian Blanket"

"Kokopeli's Song"

"WWII Airplanes"
Solids "Saddle and "Black"
"Pleasant Paisleys"

"Lost Eagle"

How to order a River Rag -

Ordering a River Rag is simple. Send your measurements and fabric selection to

Taking your measurements -

In order to make you a garment I require two measurements -

"girth" - measure the largest body circumference (chest, belly, or hips)


"finished length" - measure from the top of the shoulder to the hem line. Some folks like mid-calf length others want ankle length.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

About River Rags-

River Rags are roomy changing garments made of polyester polar fleece. They are of my own design
with raglan sleeves which can be rolled up. The sleeve is not cuffed for ease in pulling your arms in for
changing. Each has a hood and has a handwarmer pocket on the front. There is an inside pocket made
of nylon mesh for storing your underwear so it doesn't fall in the mud. All seams are finished.

There are no two River Rags alike because I figure you don't want to show up
at the take-out wearing the same changing garment as another boater!
River Rags are usually made to order but occasionally I have some on hand.

River Rags are also great for lounging around the house or sitting around a campfire. If you sleep in a
River Rag I estimate you can add as much as 10 degrees to the comfort of your sleeping bag.

River Rags can be mailed anywhere in the US via Priority Mail in about 3 days for around $5.